Mr. Zack Alvey Room 103

Mr. Travis Roberts Room 201


Afraid To Write.

Are you ever afraid to write?
Almost as if you don't want to feel what you would write about,
yet at the same time you're craving it?

I want to write,

I want to write about the offset piece of sidewalk outside her house
that I always managed to trip over no matter how many times I had before promising I would never trip again.

I want to write about how I would drive the long way to get to where I was going for months after we broke up just so I could pass the road leading to her house just to have a chance of seeing her, even if she never noticed me.

I want to write about how I'm afraid I'll never feel the static race down my spine when I kiss someone ever again because after she left no kiss has ever managed to spark anything inside of me.

I want to write about how I sat for hours on the ledge where we first kissed because I could let my tears fall down off the cliff like rain that I hoped would water the ground so a flower could grow there in case she ever came back to that spot so she could have something almost as beautiful as her to see there waiting.

I want to write about how I now understand how Jesus could die for people who hated him because even though she hated me, I begged God to forgive her, because she knew not what she did to me.

But I don't write any of it,
Because I’m afraid to feel like that again,
Because It's pathetic,
Because I'm afraid she will see it,
Because it's not love,
It's poetry.

And no matter what her reply was, it's still poetry.
And even though I don't love her anymore,
she’s still my stanza, And I'm trying to find a new poem to write.

Kennedy Taylor